Since sometime in 2017, a group of grateful goofballs began what turned into a tradition: the weekend garage jam. Over the course of  four years of these weekly garage get togethers, the band has developed a chemistry and tightness that guarantees a totally unique experience from show to show. The band's ever-evolving sound has been described by listeners as powerful, groovy, funky, fresh, greasy, spacey,  and perhaps most commonly as "just too damn good." Based in Manchester, TN, home of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, these cats pull influence from the festival's earlier lineups, understand the power of live music, and know how to have a good time. Join the fun and boogie with Steady Rotation!

You'll probably like Steady Rotation if you listen to:

Cream, Phish, Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ween, Widespread Panic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, The Band, Circles Around the Sun, Aquarium Rescue Unit.

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